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GCSE Biology (Separate Science) Posters - EzyScience

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Transform your classroom or study room at home into a learning space fit for the 21st century with our A3-sized Biology posters. Each poster has Augmented Reality (AR) features built into it to enable students to gain access to recap materials for the main syllabus requirements for each topic.

All you need to do is to download the free Zappar app and scan the code on the poster with your smartphone or tablet to load the AR content. This means all your key revision materials for each topic are only one scan away.

This pack contains 13 AR posters, focusing on the core themes from the following topic areas:

  • Cell Biology
  • Organisation 1
  • Organisation 2
  • Infection and Response
  • Bioenergetics
  • Homeostasis and Response 1
  • Homeostasis and Response 2
  • Homeostasis and Response 3
  • Inheritance, Variation, and Evolution 1
  • Inheritance, Variation, and Evolution 2
  • Inheritance, Variation, and Evolution 3
  • Ecology 1
  • Ecology 2

All the material contained within this poster is relevant for students studying the AQA exam board for GCSE Biology.

AR access is provided via commercial arrangements with an independent supplier. While there are no known reasons why the service won’t be maintained, the AR experiences will inevitably cease to operate should the service be shut down.