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Mini Snapshot Booklet - EzyScience - GCSE - Combined Sci - AQA

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We don't slow students down with monochrome, static and daunting textbooks. Instead, we use high-quality visualisations backed by short videos accessed via your phone or tablet using an A6 booklet and the Zappar app.

Although the booklet is pocket-sized it transforms navigation. No endless leafing of pages. Find the page you need, Zap the code to unlock the experience, and get help fast. Linking to online content reduces the size and cost of professional learning support

We don't overdo it and connect you with the knowledge you need and nothing else. Ideal for homework support and exam cramming.

This booklet provides you with access to 180 GCSE Combined Science recap videos for students studying the AQA exam board.

  • A6 size, 18g weight, and just 31 pages to:
    • Access to 180 video recaps – 3 min explanations of key processes
    • 180 visualised and downloadable pdf recaps summarising key syllabus content
    • Find help faster - no endless thumbing of pages
    • Small and lightweight means it is easy to handle, identify the relevant sections and summon support instantly
    • Choice of content formats - video or pdf
    • Video download option to manage data costs and keep key videos on your camera roll
    • Download options reduce data costs and allow you to keep key topics on your phone

AR access is provided via commercial arrangements with an independent supplier. While there are no known reasons why the service won’t be maintained, the AR experiences will inevitably cease to operate should the service be shut down.